Achieve More – 21 Questions to Ask Yourself


Many of us are constantly searching for ways to be more productive.  We’re looking for the latest hack, shortcut or system to help us achieve more.

As useful as this process can be there is another way.  We can reverse engineer our approach to productivity by asking ourselves some simple questions.


1)      What am I passionate about?

2)      What do I want to achieve in life?

3)      What do I want to achieve this month/week?

4)      What 1 to 3 things do I really want to achieve today?

5)      Does everything on my To Do list need to be done?

6)      Do I even need a To Do list?

7)      Who are the people that are important to me in my life?

8)      What people would I rather spend less time with in my life?

9)      What tasks would I rather never have to do again?  Is there a way to eliminate them?

10)   What low impact tasks can I remove from my To Do list?

11)   What high impact tasks should I prioritise?

12)   Am I just busy or am I working effectively?

13)   Am I procrastinating and putting off the important stuff?

14)   Am I prioritising unimportant stuff?

15)   Am I checking email compulsively throughout the day?

16)   Am I checking social media compulsively throughout the day?

17)   Do I have trouble focusing on one task at a time?

18)   Do I try to multi-task and end up getting lots started but not much finished?

19)   Does doing this get me closer to my goals?

20)   Does what I am doing add value to someone or something?

21)   Does this really need doing?


These questions open the lid on areas we can all improve on to make getting important stuff done a reality.

Pick one or a combination of them to help you get more done today.


These questions can be the start of clearing distractions and really focusing on what matters.  That right there is the way to get more done and be more productive.


The final question is……….

What are you waiting for?