You Have Choices – Don’t Forget It



“Make a choice – just decide what’s it’s going to be, who you’re going to be, how you’re going to do it.”

– Will Smith 


We can all fall into the trap of thinking life has to be a certain way.


We have to do things in a certain order at a certain time.  We have to be at certain meetings.  We have to keep certain commitments.  We have to say yes more than we say no.  We have to be agreeable.  We have to fall into line.


Well none of this is true.  We have choice.  We have the right to choose.


We can say yes, we can say no.  We can even say nothing at all.


Everyone else going to a meeting doesn’t mean we have to be there if we decide it’s not a great use of our time.


Being told we can’t do something doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be done.


Lots of people moving in one direction doesn’t mean we can’t find our own route.


Our lives are full of hand me down information that we accept as fact, or as the way things should be.  We can choose to live another way.


We have choice.  There is a power in choosing.  More than that, there is a responsibility in making the most of our ability to choose.  History is full of people that have fought hard, and even lost their lives, in the pursuit of having choice.


You have choices, don’t ever forget it.


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