The Outer Edge

The outer edge is beyond the comfort of the daily grind.  It’s not about 9 to 5 or following set orders.


It’s not about punching the clock, while switching our minds off.


It’s not about following the herd or sleepwalking through our days.


The outer edge involves risking something.  It means giving more of ourselves.


It demands our full attention and focus.


It requires us to think bigger.  To think beyond what we are told is possible, to test new limits.


It can mean questioning the status quo.  Requiring us to think outside the framework of routine and set patterns.


It sometimes demands a little bravery, and total commitment to our ideas.


The potential risks come with potential reward.


We can get to define our own terms at the outer edge.  We get to live a life more of our own making.


The outer edge is where innovation lives.  The outer edge is where the boundaries are pushed.


The outer edge is where the magic sometimes happens.


The outer edge isn’t for the everyone.  However, we can decide to pay a visit any time. The point of entry is our own act of intent. A commitment to action.


It doesn’t always involve large scale risk or going out on a limb.  It just takes a little something more than most are willing to give.




Inspiration and Kudos:
This post was influenced by this Seth Godin piece and by a Chris Guillebeau talk I was lucky enough to attend this week.

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