The Importance of Extended Family



“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life – to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories” – George Eliot


I have recently returned from a trip to Malaysia with my partner in travels, adventures and life to visit her rather large family.


Trips there are always full of family get-togethers, family storytelling, lots of laughter and lots of great food.


I’m always made to feel very welcome on my visits and this latest trip made me ponder the importance of not only family but also extended family.


Our closest friends fit this bill. Not family in the purist sense but oftentimes these friends can be closer to us than blood relatives. More in touch with who we are perhaps. In this sense they become family. Brothers and Sisters in arms.


Our extended family are a vital part of our life fabric. They give us energy. They make us smile and laugh. They support us in tough times. They are there for us, fighting our corner. They are constants when all around is changing. They are our calm when life gets stormy.


A lot is written on this site about simplifying our own lives.


About freeing up time from the non-essential.


About learning to say no.


About making a little space in our days.


We’re doing all of this so we can make room for the truly important things in our lives. Our loved ones (friends, family, extended family) fit this bill. Enjoy them, make time for them and celebrate them.



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