The Thrill of Being in Flow

The Thrill of Being in Flow


We’ve all experienced the amazing feeling of being in flow.  Hard to describe yet easy to feel.


When in flow, we’re totally absorbed in what we’re doing.


Time loses meaning.


Distractions cease to exist – tunnel vision kicks in.


A deep sense of focus engulfs us.


Flow is often where we are at the peak of our productive powers.  Our best ideas suddenly meld into an amazing creative output.  Tasks we’ve been struggling with get smashed through by the sheer, positive momentum.


Riding a wave of flow is energising and intoxicating.  We want more of it.


While this state can feel elusive, we can help things along by seeking out environments and tasks that are likely to hold our peak interest.  Sometimes this means refining away at something we know well and sometimes it means starting something new, with a beginner’s mindset.


Seek out tasks, environments and people that help you get in a state of flow.  Notice the habits and routines that support you working in this state.  Seek out these triggers and embrace more flow into your life.


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