The Problem with Motivation and a Better Route


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” 
– C.S. Lewis


Many of us struggle with motivation.


We chastise ourselves for not getting enough done. We wish we could fit more in. We never feel like we’re getting ahead and assume it’s because we lack drive, ambition, motivation or maybe even the latest life-hack that’s in vogue.


The truth is, sometimes we do lack motivation. But there can be a deeper reason than just being lazy. Maybe it’s because we are spending time and effort on things we are just not excited about. We’re not fully invested.


Identify What Excites You

Part of ensuring we’re motivated means identifying a goal that means something to us. We need to want what we’re working toward.


This sounds simple but often we get so caught up in the doing that we don’t spend enough time pausing to question why we’re doing.


Answer Your Why

To commit to anything in a meaningful way we need to be clear on our why. Why are we doing this? Why is it important?


Without an answer to these fundamental questions we’ll never stay motivated. If we can’t answer these questions, it may be better to re-evaluate and possibly drop whatever it is we are having trouble with. Better to be fully invested in something else than chase the wrong goal.


Follow Your Own North

A life lived well means saying yes to more of those things that excite us.   Those things and people that light up our inner spark. We make space for them at the expense of the stuff that we struggle to get motivated for.

Set your internal compass on your own north and staying motivated may no longer be the problem you thought it was.



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