New York Snapshot


Big City, Bright Lights,
Buildings Reach for the Sky,
Hustle and Bustle

I am just back from a week or so in what is undoubtedly my favourite city to visit, New York.  It never ceases to amaze and inspire me with its vibrant energy.  What I like most is the ability for it to be many things all at once.  Great food and restaurants, great nightlife, great theatre, great culture, great buildings and architecture, great shopping, great people and great spaces (you can forget you’re in a city in Central Park!) the list goes on.


As much as we squeezed in on our trip some of my favourite moments in this city were (and always are) just being sat with an American sized cup of coffee and watching the city move (admittedly I also had the benefit of great company).  This proves, if nothing else, it’s possible not too rush around even in the fastest paced environment.  Although we also covered some miles!


Move slowly and enjoy the view – wherever you may be!