Time for Mindful Reflection

For many of us, our days have become filled with a near permanent state of busy.  Commitments, appointments, things to do, things to see to.  We’re spinning so many plates.


In spite of all this busy, we feel like we’re getting nowhere fast.  Stress surfaces.  At it’s worst, we can literally burn out.  Beyond tired, our brain cells and bodies feel fried.  A deep, far reaching fatigue sets in.    None of us can sprint all the way but that’s exactly what many of us try to do.


The irony is that at exactly the point we need time for mindful reflection most, it gets squeezed out. Calmness leaves us as we begin to occupy a constant state of busyness, distracted and hectic.  Time to ponder and think is seen as a luxurious ideal and far off place.


Taking Charge Back

Making time to ponder, to reflect, to be mindful is as old as man.  It’s often where our most impressive breakthroughs and discoveries have been made.


Arguably, never before has this time for mindful reflection been more necessary.  There is so much noise, so many inputs in our lives.  We need time to process.  We need time to ponder.  We need time to breathe. 


We can take charge back.  We can make time for mindful mini-retreats in our days.  Time to reset.  Time to take a deep, full breath or two.  Time to think.  Time to walk and ponder.  Time to unplug.




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