Plant Based Power


This guy can thrive and get strong on plants!
This guy can thrive and get strong on plants!


I’ve been experimenting with a more plant focused diet of late.  I’m certainly not a full blown vegetarian or vegan and don’t plan to be anytime soon but I have found a host of benefits since focusing more on plants and non-meat based meals.


1)      I Don’t Miss Meat

Currently my aim is to eat meat 1-3 times per week only.  When I say meat I am also including fish/chicken here (basically any flesh).

Previously most days would include a meat based meal somewhere along the line.  Before intentionally reducing my intake I expected to miss meat a little or possibly struggle with what to include in its place.  However, I’ve found the opposite.  Coming up with vegetarian and plant based meals is fun, tasty and satisfying.  I don’t miss meat at all and although I still choose to have the odd meat meal over the course of the week I certainly don’t feel I need this.


2)      My Energy Levels Are On the Rise

If anything I feel slightly more energised and I’m assuming this could be to do with my body being able to process the fuel more efficiently (meat can take a lot of breaking down by the body).  I could be wrong on this but it would make sense to me as I am not intentionally eating more.  Perhaps it’s also to do with better food choices (more plants) although my diet has always included healthy portions of fruits and vegetables anyway.

I’m a regular exerciser and take my exercise and health seriously and any reduction in performance is out of the question for me so my aim is always to be eating a diet that supports my goals and gives me the best chance to thrive on.  People like Mike Mahler and Jon Hinds are amazing examples of what can be achieved on a purely plant based diet when it’s done right.


3)      It Is More In Line With My Beliefs

I am a huge animal lover (as some of the pictures from my travels on the site will attest) and after some recent reading in particular I can no longer bury my head in the sand about some of the methods used to get animals onto my plate.


4)      It’s Cheaper

Since switching to a more plant based week the shopping bills have come down and it really makes you appreciate what an expensive commodity meat has become (especially if you focus on organic and free range as we do in our household).


5)      It Feels Healthier

This is a feeling only at present and I have no readings to back this up but I certainly feel lighter and healthier generally.



Where this little experiment will all lead I’m not sure but for now I certainly plan to continue exploring the benefits of a more plant based diet and will keep you updated in future with any further changes.



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