Simplifying Our Time



Last time we talked about the dangers of complicating. One area we tend to complicate in our lives is our relationship with time. More specifically how we use the time we have.


We rush from task to task but never feel like we are getting anything meaningful accomplished. The busier we are the more that seemingly needs to be done. This becomes a default state and it leaves a nasty taste in our mouths. We feel like we are time poor.


To fight back we need to simplify.  Simplify how we use our time.


1) Identify the Trivial Many
The first step involves us really identifying what we are filling our time with. Quite often this will uncover the fact that we’re spending a lot of time on the trivial many.

These are the things that can accumulate and expand in perceived importance. They take up lots of our time but offer little in terms of real value.

They don’t really support our goals. They don’t really get us closer to our dreams. They don’t really make us feel that great about ourselves. Yet still we persist in doing them faithfully.


2) Get Rid of Distractions and Time Robbers

Once we have identified our trivial many we can start to extract them. Leave them undone. Get rid of them.

These are the time robbers we want to avoid at all costs.

3) Prioritise the Vital Few
To ensure we stay on track we need to prioritise what and who it is that is important to us.

These are our vital few. These are what we really want to focus our time on. These are the things that really matter. They support our goals in some way. They make us feel better. They improve our sense of wellbeing.


4) Use Buffers and Make Space
Not all our time has to be accounted for or filled. Sometimes we just need time to reset. Time to think a little. Time to reflect. Time to just be.

Modern living means many of us find this an alien concept. We’re surrounded by so many distractions so much of the time that we have lost the art of just being. Our brains are constantly on the go.

The simple truth is we need this time. We need time to recharge our batteries a little. We need buffers to ensure we have room in our lives for a little breathing space.
Simplify your time and reap the benefits of a life well lived.



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