Play to Your Strengths


There is a lot of focus on developing ourselves in the online world.  A focus on getting better, on improving or refining our approach.


While self-development and the pursuit to improve is to be applauded, it can have a darker side.  It can lead to us feeling like we’re never quite good enough.  What should be a self-development exercise can quickly turn into a journey in self-loathing.


The truth is, while we all have areas we can and should work on, we also have plenty of strengths already.  These strengths may not always be obvious, even to us.  But each of us definitely have our own set of strengths all the same.


Uncover Your Special Ways

What are your strengths?


If you have never taken the time to explore this or, are someone that has trouble answering this question, look around and ask others in your life.


What do others know you for?


Are you hyper-organised?


Are you someone that others warm to and do you make new friends easily?


Are you extremely productive and known for getting things done?


Are you a good mentor?


Are you known as a strong leader/motivator?


Do others know you for being calm and good in a crisis?


Are you known as being a clear thinker?


Are you the first to put your hand up to volunteer your help?


Are you creative and always coming up with new ideas?


We may see any and all of these traits as nothing special and just a part of who we are.  However, all are potential strengths to be uncovered.  All are areas we can look to leverage and focus on more deeply in our lives.


Embrace Your Strengths

Rather than being overly focused on what we’re not, maybe we can all spend a little more time celebrating what we are.  Celebrating our own individual strengths.


This may seem a contrarian strategy in an age where so much of what we’re told is about working on ourselves.  However, it’s not an either or choice.  We can be kind to ourselves and work on ourselves at the same time.  We can embrace our strengths but also work on developing aspects of who we are in tandem.  Where the trouble can start is when we fail to embrace all the good we already bring to the table.


We can look for ways to leverage our strengths in our working days and in the work we choose to do.  Seeking out work where we can utilise our finer points on a regular basis.


We can identify environments and situations that make best use of our strengths.  Where we feel like we can truly be ourselves and contribute our best ideas.


We can seek out ways we can bring these strengths out into the world to help others in our own special way.


Identify your strengths, celebrate your strengths, play to your strengths and then let them loose on the world.


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