Take the Blinkers Off

Celebrate Today - Live on Purpose

Take the Blinkers Off

Most of us have a tendency to put off the important.  Tomorrow can often feel like a better choice to do something than today.  However, this tactic is dangerous as too many tomorrows strung together can mean things never get done.  This can take us further away from our own goals and also increase general anxiety and stress.  Not a good combination.


1) Live Today on Purpose – Your Purpose

No one is going to take your goals/aspirations/dreams as seriously as you.  If you keep on putting things off til tomorrow you’re derailing your own progress towards whatever these may be.  Get used to taking a step (even a small one) towards your goals on a daily basis.  Live each day on purpose.


2) There are No Guarantees

There really are no guarantees in life.  The tomorrow you promise yourself may not come and yet many of us live as if we have an endless supply of time on tap.  Use your time wisely and start making things happen for yourself.  Start progressing towards your goals.  Make sure you’re spending time with the people you want to as much as possible and are surrounding yourself with positive influences.  Start making your dreams your reality.


3) Remove Distractions

What do you currently do regularly that you have zero passion for?

Who or what brings you down in your day-to-day life?

What do you dread doing?

As much as possible cut these negatives out of your life.  Instead fill your life with people and things you have a passion for and want to do.  Sure we all have our duties and responsibilities in life but, by the same token, if you are dreading more than you are looking forward to the balance needs redressing and soon!

Remove the distractions from life and focus on those things and people that give you most enjoyment, return on investment and support your vision of where you want your life to go and/or be.


Take the blinkers off (today and not tomorrow).  Great things can start to happen quickly if you do.


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