The Bracelet and a Tale of Mindfulness



A very good friend of both mine and this site made a suggestion for a post some time ago.  What they may not have realised at the time was that while asking for a post they also gave me a post.  A story pretty much complete in itself.  A story of the importance of being mindful.


Let me share that tale.


On a recent visit to what my friend refers to affectionately as “Buddha school” he bought a bracelet (a Buddhist mala).


The idea being that he thought it would be a nice “mindfulness” reminder to be peaceful. To stay calm and aware when life got tough.


The day after the bracelet broke beyond repair.


Initially he was quite upset by this. Then slowly he remembered some of what he had learned. Instead of being upset he used it as a lesson. It was a nice thing to have, but it was material, nobody was hurt. 


Mala or no mala, he would not forget the lessons he had learned.  They were reminder enough.  This gave him a warm glow.



The irony wasn’t lost on me that while requesting I write a little something on mindfulness, my friend had given me something already complete and pretty perfect itself.





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