The Importance of Time Economy

To produce the same result in less time can be of great value to all parties.   Getting the best use out of our time gives us all a great feeling.


Whether it’s the workplace, being creative, our fitness and health or something else completely, the concept of time economy is something we can all benefit from.


What does time economy look like?  Let’s look at a few examples.



We say no to busywork and yes to work that has an impact.  We focus on the important tasks for the day and get them done.  We avoid multi-tasking and single task instead.



We respect the reader – less fluff, more white space.  Every word earns its place.  More room for the reader to breathe and contemplate.



We say yes to time with family, friends and projects that are important to us.  We say no to as much of the other stuff as we can.  We even create a little space just for us.



We utilise the exercises with the most carryover, that hit as many muscles as possible, as safely as possible.  We use the right amount of volume and frequency (more wear and tear is not something we should be chasing).


As with most things in life, don’t confuse more with better. Cramming more in isn’t the answer.  Let’s be selective instead.  Let’s make the most out of our time.  Let’s utilise the power of time economy.



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