The Magic of Tiny Daily Efforts

We can all be guilty of overcomplicating life at times.  This can be particularly true of our attempts to achieve meaningful goals, tasks and personal changes.  We think we need to make grand, sweeping big bang changes.  While this approach can have its place, it can also lead to us getting in our own way before we’ve even started.


We lose sight of the fact that small and simple steps can also be powerful.  We lose sight of the fact that there is a magic in tiny, daily efforts.


The Language of Our Time

Small and gradual is so often at the mercy of bigger is better, more and faster in our culture.  The truth is, there is an underappreciated power in small steps.  They add up and have a compound effect.


Slow and gradual change can mean we ingrain and really inhabit new behaviour, rather than trying to force it.  This more patient approach can ironically set us up for longer term success.


Less Can Be More

Small steps add up.  Gradual, incremental changes link together to accumulate into larger scale change.  Taking the time to groove simple, easy to digest habits can lead to dramatically improved habits and focus in time. From tiny acorns, great trees are born.


Commit to your own path of tiny, daily efforts toward your goals.  Reap the benefits of this simple and achievable approach.  Patient progress is still progress and creates its own momentum.




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