Top 12 Posts from 2014



Below are a list of my personal top 12 favourite posts of the year. A few notes are in order before we get to the list:

  • Other than top 12 overall there’s no particular order
  • These posts are all written by me but may appear around the web and not necessarily all here at Frictionless

With that said, I hope you enjoy reading any you have missed so far. Let’s get to it!



1) 52 Tips for Happiness, Health and a Better Life

2) Need Less, Have More – Life Expands when you Eliminate the Excess

A guest post for the mighty Tiny Buddha

3) 14 Lessons Learned Travelling

One of life’s real pleasures for me and I’ve travelled more in the past few years than at any other point in my life. Here are some lessons learned.

4) Simplicity, Change and Building Better Habits – An Interview with Leo Babauta

I was lucky enough to interview some amazing people this year so I aim to continue the run in 2015 with more interviews. However, to get some of Leo’s time was very special for me personally as he is someone that has been a big influence through his writing. One of his earlier posts even influenced the name of this site.

5) The Spark Inside Us All

We all have a spark inside that we should nurture.

6) Boards Don’t Hit Back and Other Bruce Lee Wisdom

This was fun to write. A man whose written work continues to have a profound effect and influence on me long after he has left us. Truly an amazing human being with all he accomplished in such a short life.

7) 12 Ideas for a Simpler and Better Today

8) When Self-Help Doesn’t Help – Doing What’s Best for You

9) New York City on a Budget – 10 Great Things to Do that Won’t Break the Bank

I have a love affair with NYC that continues to grow with each visit. Here are some of my favourite ways to enjoy the many delights of the city without breaking your budget.

10) The Art of Meditating without Meditating

Whether you prefer to ‘meditate’ in a formal or informal way the benefits are undeniable.

11) Leave Positive Footprints in the Sand

12) Celebrate Your Mini-Successes

A quick read but important message.




Finally, for the last post of this current year I would like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to visit.


I hope you come again and continue to visit in 2015 and the years ahead. After 2 years and 100 plus posts, Frictionless is still evolving and finding new feet. I’m committed to making this blog the best version of itself it can be so let me know how I can do that for you by stopping by and saying hello.


Happy New Year!!


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