Two Ideas to Make Your Life Simpler Right Now



“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need”. – Vernon Howard


Too often in life we complicate when we could simplify.


Too often we look for more when we already have enough.


Too often we wish ahead rather than enjoying the now.


Too often we think our lives would be better if we just had the next new and shiny thing when actually our lives are pretty damn great already!


I have made a case for 22 Ways to Simpler Living elsewhere and there are many more ways than 22 out there that have the potential to help simplify our lives.  However, at its heart, simpler living comes down to two fundamental ideas.


1)      Identify What and Who Is Most Important to You

These are the people and things in your life that add most.  That nourish your soul and enrich your life.  They’re the things you want to achieve most.  The goals you have set yourself.  Your passions.  The places you want to visit most.  The experiences you relish most.  The people you get most out of spending time with.

These are the people and experiences you want to say yes to and make room for.


2)      Remove the Excess

This is the stuff that weighs you down.  The stuff that fills you with dread.  The people that suck your enthusiasm, that take, that play games and spend time politicking and being devisive.  The experiences that leave you empty or deflated.  Work that leaves you unchallenged and/or unfulfilled.       


These are the things and people you would rather say no to.


Once you have these two areas ingrained in your thinking your outlook may start to shift.  Which side of the fence certain activities and people fall on will become clear.  Taking action to support your new view will mean you start to live more in line with you.  More in line with your own inner compass.


Taking action will support a simpler more fulfilling life.


Drink from the rich well of simpler living and you will never look back.  Live a life that is truly worth living.



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