Which Way Should We Go?



So it begins.

Did it really have an end?

The puppet show.


It’s so easy to fall into line.

To not question.

To seek the easy life.


Follow the leader,

Follow the herd.

Safer this way.


No risks taken,

But glory still claimed.



Say the right thing,

Do another.

Start all over.


Sloping shoulders.

Let someone else take the blame.

So much easier that way.


Don’t rock the boat,

We’re in this together.

A grand theatre of pretence.


Is that really your defence?


Sitting on the fence,

Casting aspertions.

Pointing fingers.


Empty words.

From empty heads.

Empty victories.


Another option,

A tougher path,

Is sought by some.


Choose a way.


Put yourself on the line.


Let actions follow your words.

Put your ideas to the test.

Leave positive footprints for others.


Be real,

Be open,

Learn your lessons, be your best.


Blaze a trail,

Choose a side,

Fight your battles.


Serenity, inner peace, a job well done,

These are some of life’s real treasures.

What many of us really seek.


Choose your path carefully,

Keep an end goal in mind but stay committed to the journey.

Then you’ll know which way to go.


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