You Are So Very Fortunate & Wealthy Already

Mui Ne


Yes, I am talking to you!


We often get lost in our own thoughts and perceptions of the world.  It’s easy to lose track of how much we truly have to be grateful for.


For example:


If you are able to read this post and have learnt how to read you are better off than many.

There are millions on the planet that cannot and never will be able to read for one reason or another.  They miss out on so much we can take for granted.  Great books, articles, blog posts for pleasure and learning.  Also basic information such as bills, signs that warn of impending danger etc.


We can even take it a step further and say if you can see this post and the picture above clearly then you are more fortunate that those that are not able to due to either partial or total blindness.



If you know where your next meal is coming from and that you have a roof over your head, you are already more fortunate and wealthy than many, many others.

There are too many people in the world that have no idea or no real degree of certainty as to where their next decent meal will come from or if they’ll have a roof over their heads tonight.  That’s a sobering thought in the the 21st Century!  Especially when so many of us waste food on a regular basis through overfilling our fridges or over ordering.



If you are planning a trip away to somewhere exciting for a break in the sun (or snow or whatever your pleasure) you are very fortunate

There are many, many people who do not have the luxury of being able to think about holidays away today, tomorrow or anytime soon.  They struggle just to make ends meet.  Holidays for fun are a far off and remote dream for them.   



If you know where………well, you get the idea!


The Debt We Owe

I’ve talked about this recently in something I wrote for the Huffington Post  here.  It’s something I have been thinking about more deeply.  It’s something I have been reminding myself of.  It’s something I can lose sight of.


We all owe a great debt to this life.  We have a part to play in making the world we live in a better place.    


My aim with this post is not to come over all preachy about what a wasteful life some of us may lead.  The post is a reminder as much to me as to you.  A reminder that many of us are in fact already very fortunate and indeed very wealthy.


Count your blessings, rejoice in the way things are already and aim to give back in some small way to those around you and also those less fortunate and this planet will be a better place for you.


Focus on what you have not what you don’t have.  When you shift your mindset you will see that you are already wealthy right now!



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