22 Ways to Happier (My Latest Book)


What is it and how do we define it?

Can we be happier just by thinking happy thoughts?

Can we teach ourselves to be happy more often than we are right now?

Can we teach ourselves to be happy most of the time?

Why do some people constantly seem happier than others?

Is happiness a habit?

Is happiness genetic?

Is there a secret to happiness?


I believe more happiness is in reach for us all, that there are ways that can enhance our chances of being or feeling happy.  That’s what my new book is all about.


22 Ways to Happier: Simple Ways to Happiness



22 Ways to Happier presents 22 ways for you to ensure some happiness magic is injected into your own life on a regular basis. Some ways require a little work to implement and some are much easier to get moving with.  Some are reminders of things we may have lost sight of and some may be totally new to you.  The idea being that all have the potential to enhance your chances of feeling happy and keeping a smile on your face.





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