Distraction Attraction

Look up, enjoy the view around you.
Look up, enjoy the view around you.


People walking along head down buried in their smartphone of choice, no obvious concern for what’s in front of them in the real world just the digital.


A family of four all travelling together by train but lost in a digital world elsewhere via their laptop, smartphone, tablet.


These are all too familiar sights in modern day life.  Distraction attraction has taken grip in spectacular fashion.


Several questions pop into my head when I see sights like this.


What impact is this having on us?


Is this really how we want to use the amazing technology we have access to?


Is technology serving us or are we serving it?


How do people not bump into more stuff?


A Better Way


Unplug occasionally.


Enjoy the views and sounds around you more.


Break the habit of obsessively checking a screen every 5 minutes – you’ll be okay I promise.


Give loved ones and people around you your full attention by looking at them, not a screen.


There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to interact with it.  Go enjoy it.


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