Find Your Own Way

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect.”   

–       Mark Twain


Conventional wisdom and the herd mentality are formidable foes to be sure.  Living a life more in touch with our own wants, needs and rhythms means we need to find a way to defeat them or at least find a way around them.  We need to find our own way not live a second hand existence dictated to us by what others say is or isn’t possible.

Here are 3 quick steps to help you along on finding your own way.


1)      Recognise and Prioritise What Is Important to You

This is a bit of a mini mantra here at Frictionless Living so we will not labour the point.  Just make sure you have a laser focus on what and who is important to you in your life.


2)      Live Up to Your Own Standards

Your goals, ambitions and wants in life are yours first and foremost.  Yes, it is great and, often more meaningful, to share these with others we care about but they initially start internally with us.  What does this mean in practice?

It means:

– You set your own benchmarks for success not others.

– You set and should be prepared to live by your own standards in life.


Make sure your bar is set high but equally make sure your bar is set by you.


3)      Set Your Compass

The path you choose and decisions you make in life are your responsibility.  Of course there are others to consider and we will all hit our fair share of bumps in the road and other external factors along the way but unless we set a course with our target destination in mind we are unlikely to get there.  With that said:

– Where do you want to get to in life?

– How will you set a course to get there or somewhere close?

– What do you need to take with you and/or what skills will you need to get there?

– Who do you want to take along with you for the ride?

– How will you make the most of the journey and celebrate your successes along the way?


Find your own way and, of course, make it as friction-free as you can.


Need further help with the points in this post or more inspiration to start setting your own compass to live more on your terms?  The following ebook is about doing exactly that.

The Frictionless Lifestyle 

“A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.”

– Chin Ning Chu

Frictionless Lifestyle Cover (Kindle)
The Frictionless Lifestyle shares the overall theme of this site along with some practical tips on how you can apply some of the concepts covered to your own life.

This Book Can Help You: 

– Take charge of your life and live more on your terms

– Simplify both your outlook and life

– Shut out external and unwelcome negativity

– Approach every day more in line with your own personal rhythms, goals and aspirations

-Discover or rediscover your passion


1) Introduction – Welcome to the Frictionless World

2) Lifestyle (Re)design & (Un)common Sense

3) Discover Your Passion

4) What Are You Busy With?

5) Bulletproof Yourself from Negative People

6) The Benefits of Living Slow

7) Lazy Productivity and Other Tricks

8)  The Art and Habit of Saying No

9) The Frictionless Survival Kit

10) Payoff – The Good, Simple Life


The book is in PDF format but is easily saved to Kindle and other reading devices.

To Buy 

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