Simplicity is a Tool


“One of the main challenges, for me, has been to keep simplicity in its place. It’s only a tool. It’s not the destination, it’s the vehicle that gets us there” – Mike Burns



I have a confession to make.  I have been so busy bathing in the ideas of simplicity and living simpler of late that I was in danger of losing sight of why I sought out a simpler life in the first place.


This crept up on me.


Most of my writing here is based under the broad umbrella of simplicity and living simpler.  I have felt the benefits of living simpler personally.  I also read the work of others in the field that I admire.  I believe in the power of simple and uncomplicated.


This all means I think about simplicity and keeping things simple a lot.  Herein can lie the problem.


When you focus on something intently it can become all you see.


However, simplicity is a tool and not necessarily the answer in itself.  It’s not an end.


Our Own Fit

We chase a simpler life for our own reasons.  Because our lives have become too complicated and overwhelming perhaps.  Or because we want to intentionally declutter and make room for things that are important to us (friends, family, hobbies, passion projects).


Whatever the case, we need to find our own brand of simpler that fits the life we are happy living.  That’s not necessarily the version that we think we’ll be happy with when we start.  Living simpler is a journey after all.


Simplicity, minimalism, 80/20 Living – they’re all approaches that, used wisely, can help us but maybe they are not the end destination in themselves.  They are tools that should be kept in our toolbox for better living.


Live simple but live simple on your own terms.



Note: I owe a debt to Mike Burns for really making me stop and think about this concept during our recent interview. Thanks Mike! 😉



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