The Power of Small Pleasures


“Lives based on having are less free than lives based either on doing or being” – William James


Too often in life we are focused on what we don’t have.

We focus on our wants and future desires rather than the now.

We focus on the big goals.

While all of this is important it can also distract us from enjoying the moment and making the most of the many small pleasures life can bring on a daily basis.

These small pleasures can be anything but some of this author’s would be:

–      A cup of good coffee

–      An early morning walk before the world wakes up

–      The sound of birds singing

–      A great book

–      A warm shower

–      A discussion with a good friend

–      Meeting like-minded people with a similar outlook on life

–      Learning something new

–      Accomplishing something

–      Playing guitar

–      Listening to some great music

As you can see, although these things may be considered small in isolation, string them together and you have some pretty large pleasures to enjoy.


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Action Steps:

–      Identify your own small pleasures in life

–      Make time and space for them


Take the time to both enjoy some small pleasures in your life today but also take the time to enjoy the moment.



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