You Can’t Sprint all the Way


Cheetah - Even she can't sprint all the way!
Cheetah – Even she can’t sprint all the way!


 Life can feel like it’s moving at breakneck speed at times.  To get closer to some of our aspirations and goals we often have to be quick out of the blocks and ready to move with the starter gun (or even before it!)

However, too much rushing and too much speed can also wear us out quickly.  We need to know when it’s time to put our foot down and when it’s just time to put our feet up.

Recognise that Life Works in Fits and Starts

Life is a series of sprints with a sprinkling of mini-marathons, marathons and Iron Mans on top.  Along with that will be a fair share of false starts and falls.  You need to act and plan accordingly.  Accept that you can’t always be on you’re A game and that you must be selective about where and when you use all your energy.

Smell the Flowers and Celebrate Your Success Along the Way

Deferred living is no living if the day to enjoy or do that special something never comes!  So why do so many of us operate on a deferred mentality?  Saving up all our dream holidays for retirement and never getting there.  Making plans in our heads but never taking action.  Saving all our good times up for a next time that doesn’t come.

Celebrate your successes (however small or large) along the way and make sure you make the most of and enjoy your journey as well.  There’s little point in working so hard for achievements that are never fully enjoyed and/or celebrated.

Rest and Action (Yin and Yang)

Too much rest and down time can make us lazy and unproductive.  Too much action and doing can make us stressed and, strangely enough, also unproductive.  Too much of either extreme is to be avoided and both have a yin and yang relationship with each other.  We need to achieve and work for a balance.  Ensure you’re at your best and peaking when you need to be by taking your rest in between seriously.

When You Sprint Make Sure You Mean It

When life does require a sprint rather than a gentle walk in the direction of something that’s important to you make sure you’re ready.  Get out of the blocks with no hesitation and work hard for the finish line (of a goal/achievement etc).  Cross the finish line and raise your arms aloft.  You’ve earned the celebration.