A Short Guide to Living Well (My Latest Book)


I’m pleased to share that my latest book, A Short Guide to Living Well, is out to buy.


The book is my broadest so far in terms of topics covered and is broken down into several themes including:



Purpose & Passion



Simplicity, Minimalism & Other Tools


Gratitude and Giving Back


I’m excited to get this into hands. If you do purchase the book, please feel free let me know what you think directly (frictionlessliving@gmail.com) and leave a review on Amazon if you enjoy it. As ever, thank you so much for any and all support.


I’m already hard at work on a new project as well which I will be aiming to get released during the front half of the year.


Mini-sales pitch over.


Posts off Site

I’ve written a several posts over the last few months off site that you may have missed. Check them out here. I’m biased of course but I think the Busy – A Manifesto for Our Time and Earn Your Freedom pieces are important reads for our times.


Book Links (US and UK, also available worldwide):

A Short Guide to Living Well (Amazon.com)

A Short Guide to Living Well (Amazon.co.uk)


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