Disconnect – Walk Away from a Problem and Find a Solution  

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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”.


We all meet our share of challenges and problems in life.  Trying to navigate a way through them isn’t always easy.  However, sometimes fresh perspective on an old problem can offer up a new path.


The Power of Disconnecting


The ability to disconnect from a problem is often key to us finding a solution.  Disconnecting can stimulate clearer thinking.  It can refresh our mind on an old problem or puzzle and help us come up with a new answer.


As counterintuitive as this sounds it’s easily measured.  Ever find yourself really stumped on a problem and the more you think on it the further away from a solution you seem?  We have all been there.


Then, as if out of nowhere a flash of inspiration comes.


This bolt of inspired lightning will often come to us as we’re in the shower, or on a walk or engaged in some other activity that has taken our mind off the problem at hand.  It’s often so simple we wonder why we hadn’t thought of it previously.


The Lesson

Our minds need time to occasionally disconnect so we can truly reconnect.  They need time to wander a little.  To recharge.   With this in mind, sometimes walking away from a problem is the best thing we can do.



Action Steps:

–       Don’t be afraid of walking away from a problem momentarily to try to solve it

–       Disconnect to Reconnect



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