How to Reclaim Your Time

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“Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance” – Bruce Lee


Many of us are busier than ever. Harassed and hurried seem to be constant companions.


There are many reasons why that may be the case.


Technology that was meant to save us time can run the risk of actually costing us time we never previously had to account for. Many of us now spend large chunks of time checking email, social media, online banking, calls and so on.  We have more inboxes than ever.


Never ending To Do Lists and complex systems that we use to capture tasks that just get added to rather than actioned.


Multi-tasking that leaves us spinning plates wildly but feeling like we’re achieving little of any value.


Busyness and motion that leads us in circles rather than toward a focused end goal.


It’s no wonder many of us meet the end of the day and week with a weary sigh.


There is a tool we can use to avoid this feeling of over busyness.


We can simplify.


We can start small and simplify one thing at a time.  Alternatively we can go Big Bang and review everything in our life with a how can I make this simpler to fit my goals focus.


Some examples?


Can’t get everything done on your To Do list?   Simplify and take anything that is not essential off and learn to be much more selective with what makes it on to your list.  You could even try a spell without a To Do list as an experiment to see if you actually achieve that much less.


Feel overwhelmed by email and like your entire working day is spent in your inbox?  Simplify by checking email less often and learning other tactics that will mean email works for you not the other way around.


Have trouble focusing on tasks and keep starting things but not finishing them?  Simplify by tossing multi-tasking out and single-task instead.


The answer to most of life’s questions lies somewhere close to simplifying.  Complexity is rarely, if ever, the answer.


Remove distractions, live simpler and reclaim your time.



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