“I Don’t Have Time” – A Modern Dilemma or Excuse?


“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is to say ‘I don’t want to.”

– Lao Tzu



“I don’t have time”

“I’m just so busy”

“I’m too busy to think”

“I’m too busy to stop”

“I’ll think about that when I get time”

Busyness is truly a modern-day affliction more and more of us seem to be suffering the ill effects of.

The intrusive nature of constant bleeps from “smart” phones, advertising selling us things we really don’t need and other distractions mean many of us feel we’re constantly on the go.  This makes us feel we just do not get the time we used to.  More people than ever seem to suffer from stress and general burnout as a direct consequence.  Life seems to almost beat these people up on a daily basis.

But is all this busyness getting us closer to or further away from our goals?!

Are we guilty of getting in our own way?

Are we placing importance on things that really don’t matter much?


80/20 Thinking

Let’s be very clear, busyness and effectiveness are not nearly the same thing! Not even close.  80/20 thinking and analysis leads us to really identify our best 20%.  The 20% of things and people that give our lives most meaning and value.

80/20 leads us in a better direction.

80/20 leads us in an opposite direction to the strong current of conventional wisdom and herd mentality.  It takes us on a path less travelled.

It means we make time for what is important to us and discard what is not.


It means we are shepherd not sheep. It means we have time!  

It means we have no place for excuses!

It supports a better way of living more in line with our own personal belief system and goals.

80/20 can help us banish  “I don’t have time” from our vocabulary for good so we are one of the few that do have time.

Let 80/20 help you live a life less ordinary!



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