Living on Purpose Today for a Better Tomorrow



Are your daily actions getting you closer to your ideal lifestyle?


Are the people you surround yourself with helping or hindering you in your goals for today and tomorrow?


Do you feel like you are making progress and working toward a better tomorrow, standing still or, worse still, stuck in quicksand?


Life is full of ups and downs for all of us.  Reaching out and making the most of what we have and working toward our own version of an ideal lifestyle (whatever that may be) is completely down to us.  It’s not likely to be handed to us despite all our wishing.  We’ve got to go out and get it.


Identify the Goal

Do you know what you are passionate about or have you lost sight of this?


Is what you’re doing all part of your own little master plan?


Does what you’re doing now support your aspirations and goals?  If not, should you be doing it at all?


These are some of the questions we should be asking ourselves regularly.  Self-inventory is essential if we’re to move forward and break any stagnation in our lives.  We need to identify what is important to us, what goals and dreams we have and work toward them.


Start Small

Biting off what you can chew (initially at least) is essential to your progress otherwise you will soon become overwhelmed.  Start with small steps.  Perhaps target one small thing you will do each day in support of your goals/vision. Build momentum.


Living on Purpose

Are you living a life on purpose?


A life on purpose is essential to keep us engaged and at our best.  Not much can beat being focussed on something that you know is getting you closer to where you want to be.


“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”Vince Lombardi


Living on purpose isn’t always easy and may indeed involve a whole lot of hard work and some unconventional methods at times.  However, if the hard work is supporting our own goals and aspirations that’s not such a bad thing.  Something earned can often be much sweeter than something that’s been handed to us.


The Time is Now

You will never be as young as you are now again.


Yesterday’s regrets are a waste of your precious energy.  Energy that could be channelled and focused on planning and working toward your goals.


Take the blinkers off and start moving toward your goals and ideal lifestyle.  What starts off as a crawl might soon turn into a gallop toward a better tomorrow for you and those around you.