Make Time



“I don’t have time” or some variant of it, is perhaps the most overused phrase in our culture. Personally, I have a dislike for it.  It infers  that some of us have less time in a day than others.


What it more often means is we don’t see something as a priority, or perhaps we have our priorities slightly skewed.


Busywork and having a full to the brim diary isn’t necessarily something we should wear as a badge of honour.


Everything being a priority actually means nothing is a priority.


Not every commitment should be a commitment.  Not everything that ends up on our plate needs doing, or should be on our plate to start with.


Our lives should indeed be full.  They should be full of time spent with friends and family.  Full with spending time on things that matter to us.  Full with good times that make for great memories.


Quit the excuses and get rid of the distractions, let’s make time for those things and people that are truly important to us.



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