Walking – Moving Meditation



“Walking is man’s best medicine” – Hippocrates


At its best a long walk can be like moving meditation.


It’s a time to reset, blowing away mental cobwebs.


A good walk can refresh and rejuvenate a tired mind.


It can provide stimulus and fertile ground for new ideas.


Complex problems we’ve been struggling with can suddenly fall into place on a long walk.


Quietness and calm can come to a busy mind.


Stress can melt away on the best of walks.


A fresh perspective can often drift into view.


A new outlook can present itself.


Walking early in the morning with the songs of the birds, or walking later in the day can all work a certain type of magic.  Walking at a swift, rhythmic pace or just purely for leisure.  Walking with others or walking alone.


Make time to walk if you can and when you can.  Free of distraction and to free yourself of distractions.  Walk not necessarily to get somewhere but just for the sheer walk of it.

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