Slow – Seeking Stillness in Fast Paced Times (My New Book)

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I’m excited to share my latest book, SlowSeeking Stillness in Fast Paced Times, is now available (UK CUSTOMERS/AMAZON.COM CUSTOMERS)


The book is about making time in our lives for slowing down.  Reconnecting with our need to enjoy some downtime.  Rediscovering our ability to rest and recharge.  To unplug from our busy worlds occasionally and find the joy in slow.


While moving at pace has its place, too much rushing and too much busy just adds stress to our lives.   Sometimes we just need time to rest, recharge and just be.  We need time for slow.


As always, I will be extremely grateful for all and any support and sharing.  If you do decide to buy the book I’d also love to hear from you, either with a review on Amazon, or by contacting me directly.


I’ve included a sample extract below to hopefully whet the appetite.  Make time for some slow in your day today.






Empty Your Cup

Zen and Buddhist traditions talk about the importance of making time to empty our cups occasionally.


Left unchecked, we can try to fill our cups with too much.  At some point this leads to the contents spilling over.  Not ideal when the cups in question represent our lives and the contents represent our relationships with loved ones, our health, goals and ambitions.


While filling our cups can be considered an important and fun part of life, a balance needs striking so we do not over reach and overfill them.  Just the right amount is great, too much can be dangerous.


The Necessity of White Space

In an often overwhelmed and overworked world the importance of space can get lost.  Drowned out by the noise of everyday distractions –  the white space of our lives gets crowded out.


Up against this frenetic pace of what has become our daily lives, finding room for this white space becomes ever more important.


White space is time unplanned to do as we please.  Maybe even do nothing at all. 


The white space is where we have room to breathe.  Where we can reset, reflect and recharge.  Where we can think, where we can ponder. 


The white space is quality time we need that so often suffers at the hand of deadlines and day to day pressures.  Worse, some of us feel we have to account for all our time and have no room for white space.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The white space is a necessary yin to the yang of action, goals and motion in our lives.


White space allows us to truly empty our cup a little.


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