The Allure of Shiny, Bright and New




The allure of shiny, bright and new is not of course new in itself.  However, at no point in history have we been quite so bombarded with the message that new and shiny is the way to go.


A dizzying array of advertising reaches most of us on a daily basis.


“Buy this and we will help you……….” (insert your own from below):

–          Reduce your stress

–          Improve your life

–          Make you slimmer

–          Make you richer

–          Make you taller

–          Make you more muscular

–          Make you happier


And so it goes on.


Some of these things work.  Many of them probably don’t or won’t.  Either way, we are separated from some more of our hard earned money.  Perhaps being left a little dejected or let down by the experience yet still open to the next rallying call of new and shiny being what we need.


The Problem with Shiny, Bright and New


The problem is of course that all that glitters is not gold as the saying goes.


More stuff doesn’t necessarily equal more happiness.


Newer isn’t always better than what we already have.


The Answer


Ignore the calls for more or see them for what they are and pick wisely when being parted from your money, time or attention.


Spend your time and energy instead invested in the things and people that truly can improve your life.  Not all of these will be new but they may well make you feel bright and shiny.


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