The Beauty and Clarity of Less



There is a beauty in less.


Less allows us to truly pare down and focus on what is important to us.


It allows us to shut out distraction.


Ironically it can lead to us getting more done.


It can mean less room for excuses.


It can also mean our lives are richer because we have more time for what is important to us.


Less helps us eliminate the excess that has built up in our lives.


Less helps us slow down, breathe and take in what is around us.


Less can mean we see and think with more clarity.


Less can mean more energy and happiness.


Less can also mean less clutter, stress and anxiety in our lives.


Less means we avoid complicated where we can and embrace simplicity instead.


For these reasons and so many others, there truly is a beauty and clarity in less.




*This post is the first of a short series inspired by the powerful concept of less