The Power of Getting Out of the Blocks and Committing  


We’re presented with a dizzying array of choices on a daily basis.  This can lead to some of us struggling with making any choice at all.


We get stuck in the blocks.  Trying to find perfect.


This can be problematic and lead to analysis paralysis.  Afraid to make any choice we instead make no choice.  That somehow feels safer.


I’ll save you some time.  Perfect Does Not Exist.


At some point we need to decide on a route and commit.


Commitment helps us move forward.  It gives us structure and meaning.  It removes the indecision.  It highlights a path for us to step on.  It might not be the path we stay on but it gets us moving.


If you find yourself stuck in the blocks just make a choice and commit to it.


Don’t overthink this too much.  Get started.  It doesn’t matter how long we think something may take, if we never get started we’ll never know.  However, if we start we might surprise ourselves.


If something proves not to be the right choice for us then we can always start again by dropping it, choosing something else and committing to that instead.  At least we are out of the blocks and moving.  Momentum can be a wonderful ally.


Embrace the power of committing.


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