The Spark Inside Us All

Mui Ne

“You find the spark inside yourself. It begins from nothing” 

– Simple Minds (Different World)

There’s a spark inside all of us.

An ability to create.

An ability to inspire positive change.

An ability to add something wonderful to the world in our own unique way.

The problem is, we’re really good at ignoring that spark. Even neglecting it at times.

We think we’re not good enough.  We think nobody will listen to or read what we have to say. We think someone else has already done it and done it better.  We think we can’t make time for it. We think “why bother?”

That’s fear doing its work.  And fear works hard on us. It tries it’s best to keep us in a comfort zone where we know we’re safe. This can be very handy in the right situations but it can also stop us dead in our tracks from exploring a new and interesting path.

Fear is the enemy of your inner spark.

It will stop you listening to it.  It will stop you acting on it.

Fan Your Spark

There is another way.

You can identify your spark.  You can listen to it. You can fan your spark so it becomes a flame.  A flame that burns brightly.  You can shed the shackles of fear and ignore your inner critic and instead march on regardless.

Although this may be a tougher path the potential rewards are significant.

A life lived on passion.

A life lived on purpose.

A life lived developing and evolving into the best version of you it is possible to be.

A life of giving something to the world.

A life serving others in some positive way.

A life lived inspiring others.

A life lived inspiring positive change in the world.

A life lived being part of a solution to a better world.

So go ahead, fan your spark. You may be surprised where it leads you.

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