Commit to Your Why



Our why is unique to each of us, it comes from within.  It cannot be forced.  It cannot be contrived from external sources.  It has to be meaningful to us.


Our why is what keeps us going when life gets tough.


Our why gives us focus in a world full of distractions.


Our why gives life extra meaning and richness.


Questions to Uncover Your Why

Where is it I’m trying to get to?


What lights me up and gets me excited?


What’s my reason for getting up in the mornings?


What do I want more of in my life?


What do I want I want less of in my life?


Who are the people that are important to me, that inspire me, that bring me joy, that I wish to spend more of my time with?


What do I want to be known for – what’s my personal legacy goal (big or small)?


These questions and related ones lead us back to our why.  If we’ve lost our why then maybe we’re chasing the wrong goals.  Maybe we need to reset.


Commit to your why.


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