Are These 5 Mistakes Costing You Happiness?

Watching these guys always makes me happy!
Watching these guys always makes me happy!


Our lives are full of ups and downs some of which are beyond our control.  However, sometimes we are also guilty of sabotaging our own happiness and general wellbeing.  Are you doing just that with any of the following?


1)      Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others

While it can be great to have people in our lives we look up to and admire, comparisons can also be dangerous.  We can lose sight of what we have and focus instead on what we don’t have or are yet to achieve.


Action Step:

March to your own drum.  Be thankful for all you do have in your life.  Use positive role models as motivation but be careful of comparisons becoming a negative.


2)      Thinking More is Better

More is not necessarily better.  Better is better!

The more is better mindset is a slippery slope to never thinking we have enough.


Action Step:

Rid yourself of the more is better mindset.  Don’t be a slave to chasing more for the sake of more.  Focus instead on the quality (not quantity) of what you do fill your life with (experiences, possessions, people, commitments).


3)      Never Enjoying the Moment

There are no guarantees in life.  Today is a blessing to be enjoyed yet many of us spend our days wishing time away or wishing ahead.  This can lead to us never fully enjoying the moment and what we have now.


Action Step:

Pause to enjoy the moment.  Make this a habit that you keep each and every day.  Smile about all that is good in your life right now.


4)      Not Moving Enough

Our modern lives can mean many of us are spending the vast majority of our days stationery and/or seated.  This is far from ideal.  Our bodies are designed and thrive on movement.  Too much stationery time can compromise our health, wellbeing and vitality.  None of which is likely to make us happy.


Action Step:

Make movement a part of your day and take regular breaks from sitting.  Make time for short and long walks, exercise breaks, mobility drills, stretches etc throughout the day.


5)      Not Enjoying the Outdoors Enough

There is something about being close to nature that invigorates the spirit.

Personally I am a massive wildlife enthusiast so getting close to nature in some way regularly keeps me happy.  For you it may be the plants and fresh air that give you that extra boost.  Whatever it is, being close to nature gives us much so we should make sure we make time to enjoy the outdoors when we can.


Action Step:

Make time to enjoy and be at one with nature (a regular trip to tend your garden, a walk in the park, a hike in mountains, a big safari trip etc).  There are many ways.


If we spend less time getting in our own way we stand a much better chance of being happy more of the time.  Avoiding the mistakes above will help keep smiles where they belong, on our faces more often.


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