The Best Things in Life


“The best things in life aren’t things”Art Buchwald


So much tightly packed wisdom in a single sentence, that’s why we all love a good quote.  This one, from the writer/humourist Art Buchwald, really hit the nail on the head.


Let’s unpack it a little more.  Let’s think about what we can do with it.


We can….


Let go of chasing more and embrace the power of enough.


Make time to spend with friends and family.


Re-evaluate what our vision of success will really look like for us personally.


Resist the temptation to over commit, leaving space in our diary instead.


Make time for self-inventory to ensure we’re on a path that suits us.


Spend more time disconnected from our smartphones and tablets.


Forget rushing from this to that, and make more time to just be.


Stop accumulating needless possessions and start accumulating experiences and adventures.


Stop wishing ahead and appreciate this moment right now.


Distracted by the Small Stuff

It’s easy to get distracted by the things that don’t really matter much at the expense of what matters most.  None of us are immune.


Let’s fix that by reminding ourselves of what truly brings joy into our worlds and makes life worth living.   Let’s live in harmony with what really matters by giving it the space is deserves.


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