Eliminate Clutter, Create Freedom



Unchecked, clutter can build up in our lives.  This clutter can take the form of both physical and mental.  In fact, physical clutter often morphs into mental clutter.


Many of us are sold on chasing more but how much more do we really need?  More can lead swiftly to cluttered lives with no room to breathe.


Decluttering Is Necessary

We can declutter material possessions by adopting a one in, one out policy or.  Perhaps a more ambitious one in two out policy suits you better.  We can clear out drawers and rooms on a regular basis, ensuring physical clutter does not build up.


We can also declutter mentally by adopting and prioritising good restoration habits. Walking, hiking, meditating, practicing yoga, escaping with a good book – there are many ways.  Life shouldn’t be all rush.  We need to make time for occasional stillness.


More Freedom – The Payoff

The payoff, when we make time to declutter, is that we get quality time and energy back.  We are free to invest our energy in the important things and important people in our lives.  We reduce the minutia and trivia.  We turn the volume down on the collective noise of the masses.


Declutter, strip away, simplify until you’re left with your version of what matters most. Earn it, own it, protect it and cherish it.  Be free.



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