Live with Less & March to Your Own Drum



Media and the world at large will do their best to sell us on having more in our lives.  More is the answer to all our dreams and goals so their message would have us believe.


There’s a gadget or product to be sold that ‘fixes’ everything.  Then there’s the updated version that we must have or the sister product and so the merry-go-round continues.  Upsell after upsell.


We visit websites with pop-ups, shops with constant messages to consume and shop staff on commission all trying to sell us on more.  We see advertisements every which way we turn.  It’s hard to escape.


But does more beyond a certain point really improve the quality of our lives? 


Is more better or is more just more?


More stuff to manage.


More noise.


More friction.


Living simpler at its heart comes down to eliminating the excess in our lives and narrowing our focus.  Focusing in on what really matters to us.  That is rarely more material stuff.


There are a growing number that understand and embody this, that are living proof and examples that less can be more.  These people are doing amazing things, living amazing, less conventional lives and spreading the message of the power of the right sort of less.  These people are marching according to their own drum and not listening to the more is better mantra.


These people come from all sorts of backgrounds and have all sorts of goals.  Some have large families, some are travelling the world solo.


I am talking about people like:


–      Leo Babauta

–      Joshua Becker

–      Courtney Carver

–      The Minimalists

–      Chris Guillebeau

–      Lori Deschene

–      Jonathan Mead



To name just a few.


These people and others like them are spearheading a movement that is about a different kind of more.


More living!  Less distraction.


More fun!  Less commitments for the sake of commitments.


More time for work and people that matter!  Less friction that interferes.


More life experiences!  Less material stuff that doesn’t add value to our lives and just ends up weighing us down.


These people have been, and continue to be, an inspiration to this particular writer (and indeed millions around the world).  They are opening or kicking down doors and spreading the word on a different, and perhaps better, way of living.


A world that may be less conventional but may also ultimately be a lot more fulfilling.


We owe it to ourselves to be the best version of us we can be.  To live the best lives we can.  To add something positive to the world.


Maybe that’s not all about having the latest version of everything.


Uncover your own version of less and march to your own unique drum.  Life will be simpler and better when you do.




If you got something from this post please do share the message.  Let’s continue the positive momentum.



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