Choose Your Mindset



We choose how we think.


We have a part to play in how we perceive any outcome.


Too often many of us try to absolve ourselves of responsibility in terms of what happens to us in life.  It’s easier to blame circumstances than to make our own circumstances. It’s easier to blame others rather than take accountability ourselves.  Our lizard brain works hard to convince us of this.


Thinking others have it easy and we have it hard.  Thinking we don’t have time to chase our dreams.  Thinking our work is more important and takes priority over someone elses.  Thinking our feelings and perspective is more important than a loved ones.  Thinking bad things only happen to us.


These are all common excuses we hide behind to justify our response and actions.    Lies we tell ourselves.


Taking charge of our mindset takes practice.  It takes a real commitment to change.  It also takes courage, as we have nothing to hide behind if things don’t go as planned.


Changing to a more positive and consistent mindset means we see opportunity where others see negative changes.


We’re grateful for what we do have not focused on what we don’t.


We accept people for who they are, not try to shape them into who we want them to be.


We do our best to take the difficult times on the chin and see them as a part of our journey.


We have the power to decide how and if we react to life’s challenges. We can approach them with a quiet calm and inner steel, determined to move beyond them or we can fight them and complain about how unlucky we are.  They’ll come either way.


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