Need Less, Live More (My Latest Book)


I’m pleased to share my latest book is now available for download.


Need Less, Live More explores why the pursuit for more isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and why it may be failing many of us.  It explores why, in a world where more is sold as the ultimate answer, many of us are still left unfulfilled. It’s a book that talks about the benefits of living a different way.


It’s a short book packed with big ideas on how we can live with the right sort of less and appreciate the power of enough.


As it’s a book about the power and benefits of less, I’ve decided to release it at a lower price point than usual, initially at least.  My aim is always to bring you quality reads for the price of a cup of coffee but this one will be more like the price of half a coffee. 😉


As ever, it will available via my page, pages as well as other international Amazon sites depending on where in the world you are reading this.


I hope you enjoy the book and get something from it if you do decide to download.  Let me know what you think and what you would like to read in future by emailing me.


Need Less, Live More Contents:

1        Introduction

More is Not Working         

2        More is Not Always Better

3        More is Costing Us More than We Know

4        A Distraction from What Matters Most

The Whys of Less  

5        The Clarity of Less

6        Benefits of Less

7        The Hows of Less – Making It Work for Us

Need Less – Learning to Tread Lightly

8        Packing Just Enough for Life’s Journey

9        The Problem with Ownership

10      Exiting the Pursuit of More

11      The Power of Reduction

Live More     

12      Experiences Over Stuff

13      A Life Full of Adventure or Dreams Unrealised?

14      Keeping Life Simple

Tactics to Deal with Others        

15      Concentrate on your Why

16      Tune Out the Noise

17      Follow Your Own Lead


18      Less – An Adventure with No End

19      Follow Your Own North


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