One at a Time

One at A Time


One task at a time.


One habit change at a time.


One screen at a time.


One book at a time.


One conversation at a time.



One at a time might seem counter-intuitive in a world so fixated on squeezing ever more in.    Counter-intuitive it may be, but it’s also highly effective and even necessary sometimes.


One at a time means we reconnect with our ability to focus.  Focus is not a word that you hear often these days which is curious considering it’s the answer to getting almost anything worthwhile done.


Instead the language of our times has become ‘more’, ‘multi-tasking’, ‘go hard or go home’ and so on.  Is this working?  Are we getting more done?  Are we happier and less stressed?  Do we have more time for the things and people that matter most?  Are we getting ahead?


If your answer was a resounding yes then great, keep on doing what you’re doing.  If not, maybe you’re open to considering something else.


The Power of One

The power of one means we get focus on what we’re doing now.


It means we focus on the conversation we’re having and really listen.


It means, if we’re writing an article, we’re deeply in the writing process.


It means we concentrate on getting one task complete before we move to the next.


One means we avoid the distraction of chasing many goals at once. Multi-tasking is left behind and we single-task instead.  Overlapping commitments in our diaries are replaced with one appointment at a time and more white space in between.


One means we put the blinkers on to the many distractions around us.


One can be powerful all by itself, no need to complicate.



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