Passion Living (Part 1) – Is Your Passion a Sleeping Giant that Needs Waking?

Travel & Beaches are a passion for many
Travel & Beaches are a passion for many


Do you know what you’re passionate about? 

As strange as that question may sound some of us have lost touch with what it is that really lights our inner fire and puts a sparkle in our eyes.  Commitment filled days, working jobs we auto-pilot our way through have drained us of our ability to truly recognise what it is we really enjoy doing.


If this sounds like you it’s time to redress the balance.  It’s time to wake up the sleeping giant within you.  It’s time to wake up your passion or passions.


Recover/Uncover Your Passion

The first step really is to get back in touch with what it is that gets you excited in life.  Rediscover passions that may have laid dormant (things you enjoyed as a kid for example) or passions that have taken a back seat to other commitments or uncover new passions by trying out new activities.


Some of us have a burning passion for one thing some of us have a passion for many but all of us are passionate about something.  We may just lose sight of what that thing (or things) may be along the way.


You may be a passion flitter that goes through life trying on different hobbies and getting passionate about different things at different stages of your life.  Or, you may be consistently passionate about something throughout your life (I for example have been crazy about cheetahs for as long as I can remember!)


Make Time

Yes, that’s right I said make time.  I didn’t say ask for it I said make time.  How?  Get up earlier, go to bed later, spend your lunchtime at work doing something to support your passion.  Where there’s a will there is indeed a way.  This will be tough at first but eventually become habit.  You’ll look for opportunities to make more time for the things you’re passionate about.  Before you know it, 10 minutes here and there will start to add up.


Make a Commitment 

Once you’ve made time treat that time as a commitment, a commitment to you and your development.  Take this time seriously once it’s planned (you may even want to formally diarise it) and don’t break it if possible.  Get in the habit of giving your development and passion projects the attention they deserve.


There’s more to come on passion living in part 2 but you can also click here now for help with discovering your passion.