Reasons to Celebrate

Gong Hei Fat Choi!


We’re starting celebrations in my home – celebrating Chinese New Year. We also celebrate Diwali later in the year.  This is all related to my partner’s heritage and upbringing not just because we like to celebrate.  With Christmas and Easter added to the mix however, it is fair to say we do our share of celebrating throughout the year.


We all have reason to celebrate though on a daily basis.


We can celebrate our achievements.


We can celebrate people we care about and their achievements.


We can celebrate someone reading our words.


We can celebrate friends that listen to our woes and help us through tough times.


We can celebrate and be thankful for all we have in our lives.


We can celebrate learning something new.


We can celebrate a kindly act.


We can celebrate the rise of the sun and the birds singing as a new day breaks.


Celebrations don’t have to be grand or saved up for once a year. They should be part of us. They should be something we make space for regularly in our lives.


Celebrate being you today.



Frictionless News

You can see a recent interview I did for Arise TV’s culture show, This Day Live here where I talk a little about some of the benefits simplifying and decluttering have made to me.

With Arise TV Presenter Asha Tanna and a Frictionless Living collage!
With Arise TV Presenter Asha Tanna and a Frictionless Living collage!


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