The Power of Slowing Down



“There is more to life than increasing its speed” –  Mahatma Gandhi


Life shouldn’t be all rush. We need to make time to slow down occasionally. Yin needs Yang.


Too much time at full throttle leads us quickly to burnout.


While life might indeed be considered a collection of sprints, it is also sprinkled with periods of rest. Periods of downtime. We need to know when to hit the accelerator and when to hit pause.


Knowing when and how to slow down is important as it allows us to:



We can slow down by leaving some things undone. We can put our feet up instead.


We can slow down by leaving space in our diary and not over-committing our time.


We can prioritise our days to include some slow living activities (a walk, reading, meditating – many ways work).


Make time for slow. Life is about more than busy and rushing.


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