The Purity of Simplicity



“When there is freedom from mechanical conditioning, there is simplicity”

– Bruce Lee


There is a purity and beauty in simplifying.


We let go of excess needs, wants and possessions. We realise more, beyond a certain point, really does not add to the quality of our lives.  We appreciate the value of enough instead.


We recognise the fact that the simple things can make us happy. 


We value the white space in our diary as much as the commitments


We let go of stress and rushing.


We focus on the essentials.


Simplicity, at its core, comes down to eliminating the excess in our lives.  Society tries to sell us that having more is the answer we seek. But does more beyond a certain point really make our hearts sing?


Life can be rich and full of small pleasures without having to spend lots or buy more. An early morning walk, the first freshly brewed coffee of a day, a warm bath in the afternoon, reading in bed.  Simple pleasures can be powerful.


A simple wardrobe of clothes we truly love and wear again and again can be more meaningful than one packed to capacity, full of items we wear once or twice and then tire of.


Simplifying our approach to work and commitments can reduce our stress, give us quality time back and make life more enjoyable.


There is a power in simplifying that can be hard to explain but is easy to feel.


When in doubt simplify.


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