The Comfort of Never Being Ready




“Knowledge can only be got in one way, the way of experience; there is no other way to know” – Swami Vivekananda


We live in an information age.  It’s easier than ever to reach out and find out more about an area of interest.  While this can be incredibly positive and convenient, it can also lull us into a permanent state of ‘researching’.


Want to learn guitar?  Best check what the interwebs say first before I actually pick a guitar up.


Want to learn a martial art?  Better check what the ‘experts’ say is the best martial art rather than just turning up to a class, close to home that’s easy to get to, and getting started.


Want to lose some weight?  Better check whether 6 meals a day is better than intermittent fasting, or vegan is better than paleo rather than just trying to eat a little less.


Staying in the Blocks

The truth is, there is a darker side to all this ‘research’.  There’s a comfort in it.  We are stuck in the theory without earning our stripes through practical experience.  It means we can stay in the blocks.  We’re giving ourselves permission to ‘learn’ a little more rather than giving ourselves permission to take action and commit.


We put unnecessary and unrealistic pressure on ourselves that we have to be perfect.  That we have to know a little more.  While a thirst for knowledge is a great trait, it can also become a distraction from actually getting a thing done.


At some point, we need to get out of the blocks and run our race.  Make our mistakes and learn our lessons.  Draw our own conclusions.  Find our own way.  Get a little uncomfortable and challenge ourselves to grow.


Researching is great but don’t let it become a permanent distraction or stop you taking action and living your life.



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